All Productions by Year

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2009 HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury (G&S)
2008 The Gondoliers (G&S)
2007 The Pirates of Penzance
2006 The Mikado (G&S)
2005 Iolanthe (G&S)
2004 The Yeomen of the Guard (G&S)
2003 Patience (G&S)
2002 HMS Pinafore (G&S)
2001 The Mikado (G&S)


1997 Carmen (Bizet)
1996 La Vie Parisienne (Offenbach)
1995 Pirates of Penzance
1994 The Gypsy Princess (Phil Park and Emmerich Kalman)
1993 The Desert Song (Sigmund Romberg)
1992 The Land of Smiles (Lehar)
1991 The Gypsy Baron (J. Strauss)
1990 The Gondoliers


1989 Carmen (Bizet)
1988 Iolanthe
1987 HMS Pinafore (G&S)
1986 Die Fledermaus (Strauss)
1985 Merry England (E. German)
1984 The Mikado
1983 Orpheus in the Underworld (Park and Offenbach)
1982 The Merry Widow (F. Lehar)
1981 The Gondoliers
1980 La Belle Helene (Offenbach)


1979 The Pirates of Penzance (G&S)
1978 Passion Flower (Bizet)
1977 The Mikado
1976 Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss)
1975 Orpheus in the Underworld (Phil Park and Jacques Offenbach)
1974 Patience
1973 The Gondoliers (G&S)
1972 Iolanthe (G&S)
1971 The Pirates of Penzance (G&S)
1970 Trial by Jury & HMS Pinafore (G&S)


1969 The Mikado (G&S)
1968 Yeomen of the Guard (G&S)
1967 Princess Ida (G&S)
1966 Patience (G&S)
1965 The Gondoliers (G&S)
1964 Ruddigore (G&S)
1963 Trial by Jury & Pirates of Penzance (G&S)
1962 The Mikado (G&S)
1961 Iolanthe (G&S)
1960 The Yeomen of the Guard (G&S)


1959 The Gondoliers (G&S)
1958 Trial By Jury & Pirates of Penzance (G&S)
1957 The Mikado (G&S)
1956 King's Rhapsody (I. Novello)
1955 Perchance to Dream (Ivor Novello)
1954 The Land of Smiles (Franz Lehar)
1953 The Dancing Years (Ivor Novello)
1952 Waltz Time (Alan Shranks and Hans May)
1951 Maid of the Mountains (Fraser Simson and J. W. Tate)
1950 Tom Jones (E. German)


1949 Merry England (Edward German)
1948 Les Cloches de Cornville (Robert Planquette and H. B. Parnie)
1947 The Yeomen of the Guard
1946 The Gondoliers (G&S)
1945 The Mikado (G&S)


1939 The Mikado (G&S)
1938 Trial by Jury & Pirates of Penzance (G&S)
1937 The Gondoliers (G&S)
1936 Tom Jones (Edward German)
1935 Iolanthe (Gilbert and Sullivan)
1934 The Mikado (Gilbert and Sullivan